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Below are some tips which will help you make more informed decisions in your home purchase.
Hire an Inspector
It is important to hire a qualified home inspector; preferably one who is a member of ASHI i.e. American Society of Home Inspectors. Generally you will receive a written report as to the overall condition of the house with emphasis on the major systems. A good inspector will point out current and future maintenance concerns but will not unduly alarm you. Any major items can then be addressed through your attorney. Usually the items will be repaired or an agreed upon amount will be escrowed at closing to get the item(s) satisfactorily repaired.

In selecting an area in which to live, take into consideration travel time to and from work. Do a test run during peak traffic hours to know how long the commute will be. Drive different areas at different times of day and night to determine if there is one in which you will be more comfortable living. Also, note any conditions that may impact in your wanting to live in the area.

Keep Options Open
Having a predetermined idea of what you want in a home is good. However, you need to allow yourself flexibility when actively looking. Checking out different options such as attached homes vs. single family homes is important. By investigating the variations in each category, assures you of selecting what is right for you. A knowledgeable real estate agent can guide you through this process. This will enable you to obtain the satisfaction of knowing you are making the right decisions.

Selecting the agent
Choose a real estate agent with whom you feel comfortable and elicits your confidence that he/she is competent in helping you in the home purchasing process. Then remain loyal to this agent. "Playing the field" of agents will not obtain the best results as no one is working on your behalf 100% of the time.

Choosing a Real Estate Attorney
When choosing an attorney, ask your Realtor for a referral to an attorney who is familiar with local real estate contracts and practices. Get two or three names and then call to find if the attorney is available to handle your contract and what fees will be charged.